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January Meeting - OTC Presentation on new technology in MIG welding. Back Row (L to R) - Prax Air Rep, Brandon Soleter, Greg Smith, Denny Voyles. Mid Row (L to R) - William Masterson, James Shepard, Blake Miller. Front Row (L to R) - Cody Frank, Bobby Wimsatt, Jeremy Willis, John Livers, Joe Daughtery, Irv Zigler, Ted Schalosky.

Mel Clifford - OTC Sales rep who presented in January

February Meeting - Welders Supply of Louisville - Plant tour and gas fill plant operations. Back Row (L to R) - Ron Richard, Mark Misback, Irv Zigler, Mike Arrand, Cody Frank, Tony Soboloski. Front Row (L to R) - Bud Merril, Danny Duncan, Ben Coons, Joe Kent, James Shepard.