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2013-2014 Board Members

D. Joshua Burgess
5603 Summer Grove Lane
Knoxville, TN 37931
P: (931) 260-7039
Vice Chairman
Zhenzhen Yu
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO Box 2008, MS6095
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
P: (865) 576-5974
Thomas Mustaleski
825 Gulfwood Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37923
P: (865) 693-6426
Ken Nicklas
PO Box 2009 MS 8096
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
P: (865) 574-2887

AWS News and Events

2014 AWS President Dean Wilson's Vision for Innovation

Visit the page LEARN MORE

Stainless Steel Conference

March 25-26, 2014, Philadelphia, PA LEARN MORE

2014 Certification Schedule

Note that the schedule is subject to change without notice. VIEW SCHEDULE

International Symposium on Advances in Resistance Welding

April 28–30, 2014, Atlanta, GA REGISTER NOW

Why You Should Compete in SkillsUSA Video

For the person interested in taking their welding career to the next level, SkillsUSA is an amazing asset. Their regional, state, and national competitions offer the chance to hone your skills while you compete against others. And more than that, each competition offers a scholarship to the winner. VIEW VIDEO

Women in Welding Video

This video looks at just some of the exciting careers options available to women (and men) who decide to invest their time in the study of welding. VIEW VIDEO