Willamette Valley Section 141 Scholarships

Donald and Jean Cleveland - Willamette Valley Section Named Scholarship
This award is sponsored by Donald and the late Jean Cleveland in memory of their parents John and Tressie Barrong and Claude and Ruth Cleveland. The award is $1,250.

The Donald and Jean Cleveland Scholarship will be awarded to a full time junior or senior level student pursuing a minimum two-year associate degree or four-year bachelor's degree in welding. All applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  1. Applicant must have a minimum high school diploma or G.E.D.
  2. Applicant must have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. to apply and must maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. to remain eligible.
  3. Applicant must demonstrate financial need.
  4. Applicant must submit all required application information.
  5. Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and plan to attend an accredited academic institution located within Oregon.
  6. Priority will be given to those individuals residing or attending school in the state of Oregon. (A resident is defined as having lived in the specified area for a minimum of one year.)
  7. Applicants may reapply; however, persons who have received this award may reapply and may be granted the award for a maximum of two years.

Applicant does not have to be a member of the American Welding Society.

The Willamette Valley Section 141 of the AWS does not discriminate by age, race, color, national origin, disability, creed, or gender.

Application Procedure

Applicant must submit the following:

  1. Application form (See the application package)
  2. Two letters of reference
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Transcript
  5. Statement of Unmet Financial Need
  6. Verification of Enrollment
  7. Copy of proposed curriculum
  8. Recipients may be asked to submit a head and shoulders photograph. This is optional.

All personal information will be kept confidential within the selection committee. The selection committee will select a recipient and an alternate for the scholarship. These 2 applications will be forwarded to AWS national. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed unless return is requested by the applicant.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than June 15th.

Deadline for application is April 30, for the following fall term.
Mail Application to:
American Welding Society
The Willamette Valley Section 141
P.O. Box 58
Walterville, OR 97489
For More Information
Please contact:
American Welding Society
The Willamette Valley Section 141
P.O. Box 58
Walterville, OR 97489

Form to download and submit:
Donald and Jean Cleveland Scholarship Application Package

AWS Willamette Valley Section Scholarship Award

This scholarship is given by Willamette Valley Section 141 is possible by a section participation investment through the American Welding Society Foundations, Inc.

The section was challenged by a member donor who gave $2,000.00 to start the investment fund. The section responded and through seminars, book sales, accumulated investment interest, we reached the $10,000.00 goal needed to sustain this annual award.

The Willamette Valley Section 141 wishes to thank all the people who helped make this scholarship possible.

The $500.00 award is given annually by American Welding Society Section 141.

Application Instructions
The information requested on the application form is self-explanatory. Please fill out the form completely. Please note that membership is an option. If you receive a Section Scholarship and you are not a member, you will receive a one-year free student membership.

In addition to the application form you must enclose the following:

Financial Aid Statement
An official letter generated by the financial aid office indicating your current student budget,
needs analysis, and financial aid awards, including scholarships. Please contact the financial
aid office to obtain this information.

Official Scholastic records or grade transcripts showing high school, trade school, college, or
university attendance.

Personal Statement
Career objectives, general background information, organizational skills, participation in AWS
Student and Section activities, and other factors that will help the selection committee
understand your commitment to pursuing welding education. Indicate proposed welding
curriculum and chosen school.

April 30th

Mail Application to:
Willamette Valley Section 141
Scholarship Committee
P.O. BOX 58
Walterville, OR 97489

Form to download and submit:
AWS Willamette Valley Section Scholarship Award Application Package